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Life coaching, counseling, and energy medicine

Life coaching, counseling, and energy medicine


Individual consultations

You can use a private session with Judy:

  • to gain assistance with your personal and work-related healing, growth, and effectiveness-improvement issues,
  • to clear old traumas, pain and self-sabotaging beliefs,
  • to facilitate transitions and manifest new possibilities, and
  • to learn principles and techniques for living and working more effectively and joyfully.

Fees for individual private sessions (in person or by Skype or phone) are now $99/one-hour session, or $350 for four sessions (in advance).  Payment can be made by check or cash in the office, or by credit card through PayPal here:

Single One-Hour Session - $99
4 One-Hour Sessions - $350

To schedule a session, call 612-590-3193 or e-mail judy.steele@earthlink.net

After you have scheduled your first session and before that session actually begins, these two forms will need to be completed:

Judy is an alternative practitioner, and sessions typically include use of complementary/alternative healing and growth modalities, as well as conversation. This work is not medical treatment, and no health insurance coverage is available.

How many sessions will you need?

It depends on what you want to accomplish.  If you have only a single traumatic event to be cleared, and that event happened in your adult life, it may only take a session or two or three.  On the other hand, if you need to deal with the ongoing effects of a painful and/or traumatic childhood, more sessions will be required. 

If you've recently had a big change in your life (whether you think of that change as positive or negative), or if you want to make a big change, ongoing sessions will probably be needed throughout that transition. Sessions are usually scheduled weekly during a significant change period, and then perhaps every other week when things are quieter. Some people continue to work, making more and more positive changes, for months and years.  But the choice of whether and how often to continue is always yours.  

Judy's intention is always that you will receive significant value from every session, including the first one.  

Skype and Phone sessions

If distance or other circumstances make it impossible to meet in person, Skype or phone sessions can be arranged at the same consultation rates given above.   Skype video calling has significant advantages: we can see each other as we talk, so we can receive each others' body language as well as the words.  Phone sessions can also work well.  To find out more about free Skype video calling, go to What is Skype on Skype.com. 

Flower Essences

If a flower essence combination is made up for you during an in-person session, there is no extra charge for that additional service.  If more than one formula is made up during a one-hour in-person session, there is an extra fee of $15 per additional formula.

Creation of a flower essence combination outside of a session requires about an hour of Judy's time. Therefore there is a fee of $75 for that service, plus a $6.00 shipping/handling fee.  (Because they are vibrational medicines and careful handling is appropriate, essence formulas are always shipped by Priority Mail.)

Flower essence stock bottles from Healing Herbs, FES, Alaskan, Australian Bush and other makers are available for retail sale in Judy's office or by mail.

Business/corporate offerings

If you are a manager or professional, you can schedule individual sessions with Judy to focus on increasing your professional effectiveness.  The fee structure for this work is different from the rate for individual healing and growth work given above.

Classes are also available for business and professional teams and organizations.  (See About Judy Steele for her previous career in the corporate world.)


If you have a question about any of these services, email Judy at judy.steele@earthlink.net .