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Life coaching, counseling, and energy medicine

Life coaching, counseling, and energy medicine


Judy's Articles About Others' Holistic Work

UM's Center for Spirituality and Healing offers course on peacemaking and spirituality

A twincitieswellness INTERVIEW

by Judy Steele

Since September 11, intense, anguished, and often heated discussions have raged among large numbers of thinking people everywhere in this country—in homes, schools, coffee shops, on the Internet—chewing over and over the same issues. "We don't really want a war, but we have to stop... Read more

United Nations Association of Minnesota endorses global wellness

by Judy Steele

With every girl we help educate, with every landmine we remove, with every conflict we prevent or peace we keep, with every community we lift out of poverty, and every human wrong we defeat with human rights, we are making progress together. —Kofi Annan, U.N. Secretary-General, 2001 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (graduate of... Read more

A twincitieswellness interview (May 02)

"It really is quite simple when you think about it...We all rely on the earth. Without the earth we don't survive.  Nature is healing."—Jeannie Larson

Jeannie Larson heads the Arboretum's Therapeutic Horticulture program

by Judy Steele

As Jeannie Larson heads home from her office in Chanhassan to her 140-acre family farm in Princeton (not too far from Lake Wobegon),... Read more

WAYNE DYER'S NEW book, and his April 20 seminar in Minneapolis, are titled, "There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem." So we tried him out on a few problems: serious illness, death, and the matter of global peace and wellness. Here are some of his spiritual solutions; listen in.

TCW: Suppose a person has a serious health problem. What's most important for them to do?

WD: You have to come... Read more