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Life coaching, counseling, and energy medicine

Life coaching, counseling, and energy medicine

How Is Your Heart Today?

I hope you can honestly answer: “My heart is happy today; my heart feels peaceful and at ease about my life and my relationships.” If your heart is truly happy a lot of the time, you are doing well and your positive feelings are helping to heal the planet.

But maybe your heart really isn’t happy; maybe it is holding grief, old trauma, rocky relationships, frustration or anger. Maybe it hasn’t felt truly happy and peaceful for a long time. Maybe you have heart disease.

Loving, positive feelings are extremely important for healing both the emotional and physical heart, as shown by the HeartMath Institute’s research. But when we’re sad, angry, or traumatized, how can we access loving, peaceful, positive, healing feelings in an authentic way?

It’s essential to first honor yourself: 1) respect yourself and your feelings (many of us were taught to “not feel”), and 2) understand that your feelings are not your identity; they can change (many of us have never learned effective ways to change our internal states). Then you need some beneficial tools and techniques, and perhaps some assistance.

I’ve found that flower essences, TAT® ( www.tatlife.com ) and sound healing can be very helpful with all kinds of emotional issues and life situations. Bleeding Heart and Love-Lies-Bleeding are two of the flower essences for healing grief, and Willow helps to heal resentment. TAT® (an energy psychology technique) can help you shift and release all kinds of traumas, old beliefs and patterns. Sound healing can heal the heart’s vibrations energetically. 

Your heart can be happy, peaceful, and at ease.


About The Author | Judy Steele

Judy Steele, MTP is a life coach and counselor.  She uses flower essences, Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT), and other energy healing modalities in a transpersonal psychology context, to assist her clients in clearing the past, moving forward toward their desired future, and enjoying the present.  Judy has/is

(Published in Essential Wellness Feb 2008)