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Life coaching, counseling, and energy medicine

Life coaching, counseling, and energy medicine

Energy Psychology: A New Path to Emotional Health

Energy psychology is a leading-edge approach to emotional, mental, and spiritual health. In simple, direct ways, it can address and clear all kinds of debris from the past, and open new paths to the future. The energy psychology approach that I like best is Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT)®. TAT involves holding certain points on your own head while directing your attention to the issue that needs to be cleared and following a series of easy steps. It is very easy and gentle, yet very powerful and effective. You can do it by yourself or with the assistance of a skilled practitioner.

We are energy beings. Quantum physics shows that below the level of molecules and cells, we are made up of vibrations in deep space. Our bodies are fundamentally energy patterns, our emotions are energy, and our thought patterns are vibrational patterns. As Candace Pert has shown, our emotions have direct effects on our biochemistry. But where do our emotions exist? The answer is that they exist in our energy field—not only in the aura that surrounds us, but also in the vibrational field inside us. If we experience an emotional shock, that bad news hits our energy field and then instantaneously reverberates through our physical body—and the effects can last for many years. TAT® can clear that shock quickly and easily, no matter how long ago it happened. So can flower remedies (like the Bach Rescue Remedy), homeopathic Arnica, or sound healing—all energy modalities. TAT®, flower remedies, homeopathy and sound healing can also address deeper, longer-term concerns. Let’s clear the issues where they live: in the energy body!

About The Author | Judy Steele

Judy Steele, MTP is a life coach and counselor.  She uses flower essences, Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT), and other energy healing modalities in a transpersonal psychology context, to assist her clients in clearing the past, moving forward toward their desired future, and enjoying the present. Some of her key credentials:

  • She has a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology.
  • She is a Certified TAT Professional.
  • She has studied intensively with many of the major essence makers, at their respective headquarters locations.
  • She has 35+ years experience in helping people heal their past and create the future they want.

(Published in Essential Wellness July 2007)