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Life coaching, counseling, and energy medicine

Life coaching, counseling, and energy medicine

DynaMind--An "Instant" Technique for Healing Body, Mind and Circumstance

Let’s say you’ve just stubbed your toe (or wrenched your back picking up a package or a child). Or maybe you have a cold, or a cold sore, or PMS, or even something more serious. Or maybe you feel blocked or fearful about something, and you want to heal that situation. Is there anything you can do to work with your body/mind to improve the situation rapidly? (Yes, we know you can take aspirin or an antihistamine, but those don’t really heal; they just suppress the symptoms.)

Serge Kahili King (author of Urban Shaman, Kahuna Healing, Earth Energies, and Instant Healing) has recently developed the DynaMind Technique (DMT) for “instant healing” of these kinds of problems and many others. He says, “DMT is a combination of ancient Hawaiian practices organized into one simple, powerful technique that anyone can use. These practices involve the use of breath, words, imagery, and touch.”

I was fortunate enough to be in Serge’s first DynaMind class, in September 2000 on Kauai. Since then I’ve used DynaMind with many of my friends’ and clients’ problems, and many of my own, and I can tell you for sure: It works! I’ve been continually amazed at how effective and how fast it can be, not only for removing stressors, but also for manifesting what you want in your life. Each part of DynaMind is powerful in itself; put together, they’re dynamite!

Let’s start with getting through blocks (also known as procrastination, avoidance, paralytic anxiety….) We avoid cleaning the kitchen floor, or talking to our child’s teacher, or making a speech, or writing an article; we just don’t seem to get around to the task, and we feel more and more anxious, guilty, and tired the longer we put it off. Sound familiar? Most of us do it at one time or another.

Here’s how I used DynaMind to get started writing this article. First, I realized that I was avoiding it because I didn’t have an idea for an opening. Then I thought, “Oh, of course, I can use DynaMind to do this.” So I got present and focused (taking several deep breaths helps), and began with my problem statement: “I haven’t started on the DMT article because I don’t have an idea for what to say first (and because I’ve been concerned with my mother’s health rather than with my own work).” Then I declared, “This can change. I want this problem (the avoidance) to go away.”

This is the first part of the DynaMind process: State your problem, state “This can change,” and then state what you want, as a firm declaration. This may seem very simple, and it is, but it can be very challenging to do. How often do we keep ourselves in “problem states” because of habit, or because it hasn’t occurred to us that the situation could change? Try this now, on a situation of your own, and notice how it feels just to make this shift in your intention. (Keep in mind that this is a change process for you, not for someone else.) In the case of my “writing avoidance,” the key was realizing that I had a problem and that I wanted to solve it; then just this first part of DynaMind got me started writing.

The next two basic parts of the process involve tapping on a few acupuncture points, and doing a simple breathing process. That’s all there is to the basic structure; you repeat the same sequence until you feel the change has been made (or is definitely in process).

So how would you use DynaMind if you had just stubbed your toe, or even if you sprained your ankle last week? First, make your statements: “I’ve just stubbed my toe, and it hurts! This can change. I want the hurt to go away.” Then you would do the rest of the DynaMind process, then check with your toe (or ankle) to see how you’re doing, and repeat the process as needed. (In most such cases, people will experience a significant improvement with just a few rounds.)

There are additional components to DMT, for use when the situation is more challenging, and it’s very useful to have a DMT practitioner to guide you through the process when you’re dealing with difficult situations. But the basic structure is simple, and you can start using the first part of it right now! Aloha!

About The Author | Judy Steele

Judy (Springer) Steele is a living-skills teacher, counselor, and management trainer with a Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology and over thirty years of experience in assisting others with mental, emotional, spiritual and work-related issues. She uses Huna (a Hawaiian shamanic healing tradition), flower essences, homeopathy, and various intuitive approaches, as well as mainstream counseling techniques. In earlier years, she was nationally prominent in the field of training and development and served as a management consultant for Fortune 100 corporations. She has owned and managed 10 different businesses focused on improving human performance, health, and happiness. Being quite pragmatic, she uses techniques that she knows from experience are extremely effective and efficient, because she enjoys seeing her clients be delighted with the results they achieve.

More on Serge Kahili King, Huna and DynaMind is available at www.huna.org

(Published in Twin Cities Wellness October 2001)