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Life coaching, counseling, and energy medicine

Life coaching, counseling, and energy medicine


The Huna tradition includes many healing approaches and techniques, some of which are brief and some of which take days. Judy specializes in the brief ones, especially Dynamind.

Dynamind is an energy psychology technique developed around 2002 by Serge Kahili King.  It uses elements from the Hawaiian Huna tradition as well as from other indigenous traditions to change a person's experience of reality in a beneficial way.

Dynamind incorporates intention, attention, words, touch, images, breathing and action - essential components in the Huna healing tradition that can be applied to anything from physical illness to personal attitude  or behavior change. Dynamind can be used by a practitioner with a client, and it can also be used by the client later on his/her own.   Judy was a participant in Serge's very first Dynamind workshop on Kauai, and this was another, "Oh yes, of course!" for her. So she went through the process of accumulating and writing up all the cases he requires, became one of the first certified Dynamind practitioners in the world, and has been using it ever since, with herself and with many, many clients.

For further information, see Judy's article here and the DynaMind page of Serge King's website.